Customer Spotlight: AlertTile Paves Path for the Visually Handicapped

The familiar bumpy panels you see at crosswalks, wheelchair ramps and transit platforms are known as detectable warning systems. Introduced in 1990 after passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, they are “tactile” cues that alert blind and visually impaired pedestrians to dangerous situations such as moving vehicles. For Alex Munroe, CEO and founder of AlertTile®, they are a personal and professional passion.

Alex went to work as a salesman for these new products right out of college. In 1992, as the new market was ramping up, safety concerns prompted the government to shutdown new installations. This forced many suppliers out of business — including his employer.

When the suspension was finally lifted in 2001...

Chuck Dana Joins MFG

Chuck Dana, most recently president of Owens Corning’s Building Materials Group, has joined MFG as executive vice president, reporting directly to President/CEO Richard Morrison.  

As a leader of one of the industry’s largest raw materials suppliers, Chuck brings tremendous knowledge of the composites business as well as understanding of MFG as a customer. During his 20 years with OC he served in the Corporate, Composites and Building Materials...

GM Honors MFG as 2014 Supplier of the Year

General Motors recognized MFG Composites Systems Company (CSC) as Supplier of the Year for Structural SMC Body Parts at its 23rd annual event. Seventy-eight suppliers from around the world received various awards for performance above and beyond GM’s requirements.

Winners are chosen by a global team of GM purchasing, engineering, quality, manufacturing and logistics executives.

Milestones: Two Plants Surpass 100,000 Cascadia Shipments

For the last eight years MFG has been producing truck roofs for the top-selling Cascadia truck. MFG North Carolina began shipping in 2007 and MFG de Mexico in 2010. In January and February the two plants each surpassed the 100,000th Cascadia shipment milestone. 

Five different models are in production, two raised and three mid-roofs in North Carolina, and in Mexico one raised and three mid-roofs.

“Building 100,000 parts of one...

Mike Leonard Signs Off as MFG Alabama General Manager

In March, MFG Alabama staged a warm retirement sendoff for General Manager Mike Leonard. 

Mike came to Alabama with a rich background in composites manufacturing. In 1992, after years of running manufacturing plants in the Atlanta area, he jumped at the chance to start a new fiberglass operation in Troy, Alabama for HB&G Building Products. The company was transitioning from wood construction to centrifugal cast fiberglass for their architectural columns...

Time Travel

In February 1961, Studebaker proposed a new sports car that could boost the company’s image and attract younger buyers. Designed on a 40-day crash program, the Avanti featured a head-turning body design, riding on a modified Lark Daytona chassis, powered by a modified 289 Hawk engine.

To get the car to market quickly, fiberglass body panels were chosen over sheet metal, and MFG was selected to produce them. 

The Avanti debuted in April...

Standing for Excellence

MFG North Carolina reported an impressive 36% perfect attendance record for 2014. This standard requires clocking in within one minute of scheduled start time. Of the 77 teammates with perfect attendance, 42 (19.5%) accrued two or more years of perfect attendance. 

Human Resources Manager Dean Justus remarked, “The high level of commitment shown by our teammates is a fundamental factor in our ability to deliver world...

In the Community

Cooke County United Way recently presented MFG Texas with the President’s Award at their annual celebration luncheon. The company increased their contribution by 50% over the previous year, collecting $7610 through payroll deductions, corporate matching and special...

Corporate Awards

Nine entities were honored by MFG’s E-Team with 2014 Founder’s Awards. The awards are earned for outstanding year-to-year overall financial and safety performance improvement.

Gold Award Winners  MFG CSC MFG Alabama MFG North Carolina MFG Design Center MFG Research 

Silver Award WinnersMFG Tray...

Teammate Applause

Jerry Tromans has been appointed general manager at MFG Union City, and Wendy Henry is now controller for MFG Corporate and MFG...