Interior build of heavy truck part.


For the last eight years MFG has been producing truck roofs for the top-selling Cascadia truck. MFG North Carolina began shipping in 2007 and MFG de Mexico in 2010. In January and February the two plants each surpassed the 100,000th Cascadia shipment milestone.

Five different models are in production, two raised and three mid-roofs in North Carolina, and in Mexico one raised and three mid-roofs.

“Building 100,000 parts of one nameplate, in each of two separate plants, in two countries is unprecedented,” explains SVP Joe Wilk. “It’s a testament to the commitment of MFG to support our customers throughout NAFTA.”

Roof production capacity at MFG de MX was recently increased by 35% and another expansion is currently underway.

Besides producing the roof structure, MFG is the only supplier with in-line sequence capability for customized installation of interior accessories such as wiring, speakers, lights, insulation, windows, upholstery and curtains. In all, more than 2,500 different configurations are produced.