Claudia Hernández was the first of 90 MFG de México teammates to participate in free cancer screening. Supporting her are Operations Manager José Luis Fuentes and Program Expansión Manager Guido Sampaolo.


As part of MFG’s commitment to teammate health, MFG de México supported the national Breast Cancer Awareness week with an internal campaign promoting education and prevention.

The campaign objective was to raise awareness of risks and preventative options for lady teammates and their families. Breast cancer is the second highest cause of death for women 30-54 in Mexico.

Throughout the month teammates were given the opportunity to schedule a medical check-up and cancer screening. With support from MFG’s medical department and the state, check-ups were available for all shifts.

According to HR Manager Veronica Mendez, “Lady teammates were given pink shirts and the men pink ribbons to wear to encourage participation. By the end of the campaign 90% of the MFG ladies had taken advantage of the opportunity.”