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Standing for Excellence

  • Cesar Hernandez. William Rodriguez, Miguel Saldaña, Jose Camacho, James Carswell, Cheng Vang, Maria Hernandez, Besy Acosta, Lisa Suttles, Jason Santiago, Xiong Yang, Pablo Flores, Tamara Thorne, Carol Allen, Beth Stewart, Rita Anariba, Heriberto Villanueva, David Carswell, Tamara Gragg, Dennis Causby, Brian Lockard, Christopher Mercer, Darryl Tolbert, David Mooney. Missing: Leonardo Orellana, Kou Chu, Eric Preston, Richard Cline.

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  • Nhia Lor, Angel Loperana, Jose Hernandez, Ronny Gonzalez. Sobeida Vargas, Shoua Xiong. Kevin Crossman, James Howell, Nou Xiong, Kevin Boyce, Eddie Oxendine, Jaime Santos. Missing: Jacqueline Woodrum, Yolanda Rojo, Wes Price.

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  • Angel Camacho, Debra Smith, Angel Rodriguez, Adalberto Hernandez, Efrain Balbuena, Cletus Surrat, Scott Miller, Chad Hurley. Missing: Prudencio Bravo.

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  • Tyler Knight, David Cooke, Christopher Markey.

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  • Harvey Bullis, Vilma Morales, Angela Padilla, Scott Ward, Chao Vue, Victor Velasquez, Bill Willets, Darryl Singleton, Timothy Williamson.

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  • Charles Winkler, Alexander Brittain, David Bollinger, Tracey Carswell, Samuel Nacianceno, Carl Smith, Carson Smith, Gladys Padilla, Mario Valencia. Missing: Chaisoua Lee.

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MFG North Carolina reported an impressive 36% perfect attendance record for 2014. This standard requires clocking in within one minute of scheduled start time. Of the 77 teammates with perfect attendance, 42 (19.5%) accrued two or more years of perfect attendance. 

Human Resources Manager Dean Justus remarked, “The high level of commitment shown by our teammates is a fundamental factor in our ability to deliver world class products on schedule. We thank each of them for their impressive performance.”