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Standing for Excellence

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At a special event in November, MFG Tray acknowledged 19 teammates for perfect attendance during fiscal year 2014. Two teammates were singled out as the company’s attendance superstars — Janice Smock with 11 consecutive years of 100% attendance and Tony Smith with more than 4 years. The commitment and discipline demonstrated by this group is an important factor in consistent performance. Congratulations and thanks to each of these teammates.



Four Years or more 
Janice Smock 
Tony Smith
Doug Smith
Steve Rhodes
Jim DelaPaz

Three Years
LaVica Charboneau
Deb Kean

Two Years
Jeremy Granda
Dwight Mertz

One Year
Steve Thompson
Joe Stewart
Bill Stewart
Jeff Ricketts
Scott Reese
Robert Piccirillo
Carolyn Kreider
Scott King
Dixie Iseman 
Mark Granda