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Customer Spotlight: Pacing the Industry Since 1967 with Innovative Infrastructure Products

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  • Highline’s patented Millennium box pad design raised the standard for products in its class and is among the company’s top sellers.

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  • Paul Tannenbaum, former Highline CEO, now retired, guided the company for more than 20 years.

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  • Millennium transformer box pad being installed in the field.

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  • To create a premium box pad that was impervious to damage from landscape equipment, this Highline model is bolstered with six pounds of tailored fiber glass reinforcement in areas where the box is most vulnerable.

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Highline Products has been providing distribution products to electrical utility companies for more than 47 years. During the last 40, MFG has been a proud manufacturing supplier for the company’s fiber glass product lines. Last year the company started a new chapter as part of MacLean Power Systems (MPS), a leading international supplier of products for transmission and distribution lines and substations.

When Highline first engaged with MFG in 1994, its new management team was coping with challenges inherited from the prior ownership. Paul Tannenbaum had just taken the helm and, as he recalls, “Not only did MFG bring the knowhow and capability to fabricate the high quality products we wanted, but they had an appreciation for our company vision. Our common entrepreneurial cultures and passion for excellence has been an important ingredient in this longstanding relationship.”

A significant event in Highline’s history was the public utility deregulation that started in the early 90’s. Intensified pricing pressure gave agile companies like Highline a leg up bringing new cost-saving products to market. 

One product that emerged was their Millennium® transformer box pads. Customers wanted lighter weight products to reduce transportation and handling cost – without compromising strength or durability. Highline and MFG came up with a patented design that featured unique ribbed walls and custom-formulated SMC material. The product has become a top seller and raised the standard for products in its class. 

More recently a longtime customer explained that the lifespan of older non-Highline box pads was taking a beating from lawn care equipment. Mowers, whackers and the debris from such equipment were stripping away layers of the box surface and occasionally puncturing through.

Instead of redesigning the shape, which involves costly tooling rework, MFG suggested tailoring the material and the molding process to add strength specifically where damage was occurring. This allowed Highline to continue carrying their standard box pad as well as a new upgraded version featuring six pounds of added reinforcement. The premium model is now one of the most popular Highline products manufactured at MFG.

“The relationship forged over the years between MFG and Highline has been richly rewarding both business-wise and personally”, says Alec Raffa, sales director for MFG. “We wish former CEO Paul Tannenbaum a happy and healthy retirement, and look forward to future successes with the new management team.”