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Safety in the Sky – Repair Techs Set New Record

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Of all the jobs within MFG, repair technicians at MFG Energy Services Company are undoubtedly exposed to the greatest hazards. Working in teams of two or more, they travel to remote locations to perform repairs in all weather conditions while suspended at heights of 200 feet and more. To ensure their safety, teammates are trained and certified in a long list of safety standards, attend refresher courses to stay current, and are randomly inspected in the field.

As of November, the MFG ES team has gone 420 days without a single lost time incident, and 765 days with only one incident. One day lost in more than three years in this challenging environment says a lot about the professional discipline of the teammates.

What does a field repair technician do?
They inspect, service, repair or replace wind turbine blades, nacelles (the housing that contains the generator) and nose cones. They monitor the speed of the blades for efficiency with diagnostic tools. Repair technicians may work in a variety of outdoor settings in all types of weather conditions — or inside a blade factory. The work consists of ascending wind towers, lifting heavy tools and equipment, and working in restricted spaces on top of towers to make fiber glass repairs. If you know someone interested in this exciting work, a job application can be downloaded from the Careers section of the MFG Energy Services website in.