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Customer Spotlight: American Seating

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  • The classic Model 6468 transit and rail seat has been a pacesetter for the transportation seating industry. It offers time-tested durability and comfort with many options and patented features.

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  • The seats manufactured by MFG for ASC are preform LCM molded which allows design tailoring for additional strength to specific areas. The result is a seat that stands up to heavy use.

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  • The traditional Metropolitan™Transit Seat provides passenger comfort and style. Pre-formed, fire-resistant molded fiber glass shell provides color consistency, strength and minimum weight.

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  • A vintage catalog sheet of the classic 6463 from the 1970s.

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Where People Meet to Have a Seat, ASC Products Bring Comfort, Style and Safety

More than 125 years ago, American Seating of Grand Rapids, MI began producing folding, portable seating for churches and other multi-use spaces. With time, the company’s product offerings expanded to encompass portable seating, theater environments, educational venues, sports stadiums and ballparks.

ASC entered the transportation business in 1936 with seats for military tanks. Three decades later, in 1973, the company envisioned and developed a new seat design that would provide a more comfortable ride for passengers and improved durability and economy for operators. This was the first fiber glass seat to feature quick-release, replaceable seat cushions — providing a softer seat that could be customized and easily maintained. The fiber glass supply partner for this new product was Molded Fiber Glass Companies.

Forty years later ASC’s model 6468 product family is still the go-to seat for large transit authorities — and they are still manufactured in Ashtabula, OH by MFG. According to Michelle Wolf, transportation product manager for ASC, the 6468 and Metropolitan® (also produced by MFG) models account for 30% of total seat sales for ASC and have helped the company achieve an impressive 80% marketshare of the public transit seating in North America. In terms of fiber glass products shipped by MFG, that translates to 433,000 shells (6468 and Metropolitan) and 154,000 pair of seat and back inserts during the last 10 years.

“We congratulate ASC on their impressive accomplishments,” says Alec Raffa, director of sales for MFG. “The longevity of this relationship is a testament to our shared commitment to quality craftsmanship, lean manufacturing, and a collaborative approach to business success. Senior Buyer John Taylor and his colleagues are a pleasure to serve — and we look forward to another decade of success together.”

To learn more about the interesting evolution of ASC’s business, see this short video: