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Stingray Test Fleet Swings by MFG

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  • Officials from the Corvette Stingray division of GM Chevrolet with a group of MFG teammates who were involved with the 2014 Stingray program. (L to R) Ben Ruhala, assistant project manager for GM Corvette; Christopher Basela, lead engineer for the Corvette body; Charles McMurray, project manager from MFG; Keith Bihary, corporate sales manager for MFG; Phillip Minch, project engineer for GM; Barbara Armbruster, Corvette project manager; Greg Tilton, chief operating officer for MFG; Jeff Bates and Tony Zuccaro, both project managers for MFG.

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The test fleet of four 2014 Corvette Stingrays with General Motors’ Corvette team swung through Ashtabula to visit MFG Corporate headquarters on August 26th.

Christopher Basela, lead composites engineer for body structures on the Corvette, and other members of the team were attending a Corvette gathering in Carlisle, Pa.

They decided to make a stop in Ashtabula to tour the operations to share the excitement of the stunning new Corvette with a major parts supplier.
Sixty years ago (1953), MFG founder Robert Morrison was instrumental in launching the first fiber glass Corvette and the company has since produced a large number of parts for the Corvette including the newest model.

According to Basela, MFG produces all of the structural components on this new vehicle. He explained that as a result of the composites technology contributed by MFG, the 2014 Corvette Stingray will be the highest tech composite car in the world.

“MFG has been an amazing partner for us,” he said. “The workforce here is pretty well dedicated to the Corvette.”

“We are so proud of our teammates’ commitment to the Corvette” said Greg Tilton, MFG’s COO. “Corvette Stingray is a significant portion of our business in Ashtabula and our focus is on the launch of this vehicle.”