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Standing for Excellence: LEAN Teams at MFG NC Put the Squeeze on Material Waste

  • From a field of six MFG NC LEAN teams, the Wolverines came up with a solution that reaped the greatest potential savings. L-R: Jacob Cox, material planner/buyer; Scott Dorsey, logistics manager; Holbin Valez production; Scott Miller, mix room attendant; Tamara Thorne, production.

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  • MFG’s Lean 6 program is an ongoing initiative to pursue new measures for improving operational efficiencies (Lean) and product quality (Six Sigma). Since 2008 the corporate Lean 6 awards program has been fostering creative thinking, recognizing teammate achievements, and sharing best practices among MFG’s network of factories.

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Last year MFG North Carolina had a friendly competition among six internal, self-organized teams to discover new ways to reduce waste from the manufacturing process. Each team selected a potential area to focus on, outlined an approach and methodology for measurement, then went to work discovering ways to make an impact. On the sidelines, the accounting department kept score on the potential savings benefit of each project.

The winner was the Wolverine team comprised of five teammates assembled from various departments. Their goal was to understand the high level of variance in SMC material usage and make corrections to reduce and stabilize the bill of material cost. 

Congratulations and thanks to all the MFG NC LEAN teams who put their collective ingenuity and energy to work.