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Research Project Explores New Way to Extend Life of Wind Blade

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  • New fiber glass inserts for V-47 turbine blades were successfully field-tested this summer. The MFG ES team is currently implementing this solution at a wind farm in Washington.

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  • Shown here is the portable boring machine in process of preparing an in-service blade for a new root insert.

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MFG Energy Services recently teamed with WINDprove (Davis, CA) and CNT Metal Solutions (Spring Valley, CA) on a funded research project to develop an innovative method for replacing the aluminum root of the V-47 turbine blade with a fiber glass insert using bonded studs. After 14 or so years of field service, many of these workhorse turbines are experiencing blade root problems.

The team’s innovative approach involved fabricating a replacement root insert (developed at MFG Texas) and a portable boring machine for removing the original root insert and creating a surface to receive the new root. Successfully proven in the shop, the solution is now trailer-mounted for field service.

The innovation promises to add years of productive life to V-47’s.